This game is about placing blocks ,fight and avoid the mobs that spawn on the dark, and collect as much items as you can. The world you see around you is all made in cubes, and you can interact with much biomes and characters, like caves, forests and cliffs. When you kill some mob or mine some ore, you earn experience points, that will let you use some locked abilities and items.

Minecraft has two mods: creative and survival. In creative you can fly around the terrain and get infinite blocks in your inventory, to build, destruct and craft. In survival you have a health bar, a hunger bar, and you have to collect blocks to get protected from the mobs that spawn on the night. You can eat some types of items, that will enhance your health bar and your hunger bar.

Some of these features only appear on the PC version. I know it because I play Minecraft Pocket Edition. Lots of people enjoy this game, and some others don´t enjoy. I enjoy it very well.

By G. G.



god of war

Hey there!

Here we are writing a little text about our blog.

In this blog we are going to post tutorials, information and gameplay about some types of games for computer and videogames. This includes:

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–    Army of Two

–    Assassin`s Creed

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